Shazam Review

Sully Reilly, Reporter

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  Shazam is a pretty good movie, especially for a DC movie in 2019. It is very goofy, playful, and lighthearted — something new for the DC scene. It is also done extremely well in regards to that. This is the franchise’s first step in a new and better direction.

  The majority of people on the internet rated this movie extremely well, and it even recieved a few perfect scores. This movie was not as good as the majority of Marvel movies, but it is good for a DC film, so that is not saying too much at this point. The movie is not terrible, but it is not as fantastic as the reviewers say it is. There are a few things that were somewhat problematic in the movie.

  When Billy Batson (the main character of the movie) says Shazam and turns into the superhero, it feels like he turns into a whole other character. As a kid, Billy seems pretty serious. He never really acts too goofy and did not laugh very much. Right when he turned into Shazam though, he became a goofball. It could be Billy feeling happier as the superhero, but it does not feel natural. Zachary Levi (Shazam) plays his character well, so the writing was probably the issue.

  “His switch can be a bit jarring and sometimes it did not feel right,” said Abrahm Adamany, class of 2020.

  The big idea in this movie was family. It plays a role in almost everything the film offers. It focuses on Billy Batson’s family life, which is near nonexistent to start off with. It is developed throughout the movie in a very artful way.

  The movie did not meet the standards of Marvel, though. Some of the jokes were a tad bit cheesy and sometimes did not land the way they were intended to. It definitely is better than the vast failures of movies from DC’s past.

  “It was good if you look at DC’s past — with some of the cheap and lazy jokes it does not hold up to the caliber that has been created by Marvel,” said Adamany.

  Shazam is a good superhero movie to just have a good time and watch. If it were to be completely analyzed, there would be many things wrong with it — like most things in life. If you are looking for a good time and a few free hours this movie is perfect to watch.