Into the Endgame

Jack Bathje, Sports Editor

   Avengers: Endgame and the success that followed: Just 11 days after its release it raked in over $2.19 Billion, according to a report from CNBC. the past 21 Marvel movies have gathered this intense anticipation and response to the movie.

  People have followed this cinematic universe for the past decade, building a connection and theories on how the series would play out, which also helped this huge boost in ticket sales.

    Endgame could possibly surpass James Cameron’s Avatar, which brought in $2.78 billion, and has been the highest grossing film ever.

   The new craze on the superhero genre has taken off and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Although after the last Avengers movie, Marvel has only one more movie coming out this year:  Spider-Man: Far From Home. this open slot  in what’s next has many fans speculating on the future of the franchise.

   Endgame’s finale gave audiences closure to the heros that have been there from the start, and introduced new heros with numerous storylines to follow.

  “I love the Avengers success it just shows how much people loved that saga and characters, but it is a downfall as,just like the directors, I see only articles on the films success and never on its story or how it changed the game. I also think that of course the MCU will keep going, but it seems there’ll be more to do with Disney+ and they may begin to incorporate “what if” storylines through the multiverse” said Abrahm Adamany class of 2020

    Although many were satisfied with its conclusion, it left fans without one iconic piece, the end credit scene that has followed every previous film, which preludes the movies to come. This absence worried fans about what’s next if there’s anything coming for a while.

  “This is good because everyone knew the characters from Infinity War were coming back because of previous film announcements so it helps keep people on edge” said Adamany.

  So until a later time, we will just have to enjoy what movies we have.