Sully’s Cinematics: The new Star Wars reveal

Sully Reilly, Reporter

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  The trailer for the last movie of the current Star Wars trilogy aired on April 13 and, I am happy with what it has to offer so far. The title Rise of Skywalker could be interpreted in many different ways. The one thing I want to know is who the Skywalker that will rise is. We all know what happened to Luke in The Last Jedi, so guessing what will happen in this movie is somewhat difficult, which is probably what J.J. Abrams wants.

  It starts with a scene on a desert planet with Rey. She jumps over a TIE fighter coming right for her which was pretty cool to see. There are two options that this could be: someone could be trying to kill her with it or (the less likely option) since the person was not using the weapons on the fighter it could be some sort of odd training. If it is somehow a training — who would be training her?

  In the trailer we see Kylo Ren fixing his his helmet after smashing it in the prior film. His helmet was made in a tribute to Darth Vader, his grandfather. This shows that Kylo is still worshipping him or still has that “connection”.

  They whole concept of this trilogy is Rey trying to bring Kylo to the light side and Kylo trying to bring Rey to the dark side. That has been happening throughout, and I do not think they will just drop that in this movie. Since it is the last of the trilogy, they will do something very special for the ending.

  Also, we get to see the return of Lando Calrissian in his ship the Millennium Falcon, which is quite beautiful to see.

  The trailer itself does not show too much of the story, but it is nonetheless exciting seeing the first reveal for the next Star Wars movie. I hope that J.J. Abrahms can fix what Rian Johnson somewhat broke.