Sully’s Cinematics: The new wave of live-action movies

Sully Reilly, Reporter

  So, a lot of movies are being made into live action movies with CGI that is more realistic and I could not be any more uncomfortable. They just do not look right to me. The one movie that I find really weird is the new Sonic trailer. Nobody liked how Sonic looked in the trailer to the point that they are changing his model as a whole, which I just find funny. The fact that there is going to be a live action version of Sonic is just completely an oddity to me.

  The next movie that I find odd is The Lion King. I understand that it is a big movie from everyone’s childhoods but the fact that they are making it live action is still weird. It will most likely be the same thing as the animated movie — which shows that there really is not a point. All the characters look like their more realistic animal counterparts, which I find take away from them. The characters in the animated movie were more cute and more visually pleasing. For me, the new realism will take away from all of that.

  The last live action movie I want to go over is Aladdin. Surprisingly, I am actually okay with this one. Nothing seems too odd about it since they are just making animated humans into literal actors. They are not creating animals or creatures with CGI, so that should go fine. The one thing I could bring up is Will Smith as the genie. He cannot live up to Robin Williams from the original, and in the first trailer he looked quite outlandish with the blue color. Overall I am not too very worried about Aladdin though.

  Overall, I am not a fan of the new fad of the live action movies based on older animated movies or characters. There is no other word to describe them other than odd. Go see them I guess. I can not stop you. I am probably going to see them myself in theaters.