A journalistic scare

Sully Reilly, Reporter

  On Friday, May 10, the home and office of a freelance journalist were unneededly raided by the San Francisco police. The goal of the police was to “uncover the source of a leaked police report in the possession of freelance videographer Bryan Carmody” (npr.org).

This raiding was totally unnecessary. It seemed like there was something else going on — since it also seems unjust.    

Bryan Carmody was raided because he refused to name the source of the leaked police report on Public Defender Jeff Adachi who passed away in Feb. of 2019.

  This is quite alarming in terms of freedom of the press. All of this happened because Carmody did not release his source.

  Even after all this, he still refused to disclose his source, which shows how he literally cannot make his source public.

  This is scary from a journalistic point of view. He did not do anything necessarily bad except for refusing to release it. It could have been an important source for the San Francisco Police to know, but there was other ways of doing it other than raiding him, since even that proved to be ineffective.

  It seems like a somewhat abuse of power, and honestly, should be investigated to. Carmody was needlessly raided, and this is not a just action.