Netflix v. Hulu

Jack Bathje, Sports Editor

  Nowadays it seems like we need the instant gratification of streaming the shows or movies that we want in the moment, but with that comes many services that charge vastly in prices and packages for the content you want . The two largest competitors being Netflix and Hulu.

   While Netflix has been known for its quality movies and originals that it puts out, Hulu has been rising up because it allows users to stream televised shows the day they air.

  Although now Netflix continues to raise its monthly rate, it is currently at $13.99, which has discouraged many from staying with it.

    Hulu has become much more popular at the college level, becoming available to new students at certain colleges. This new targeted demographic has led to a boost in its popularity over Netflix.

  Personally I feel that for movies Netflix has a much better selection, but Hulu’s television shows span many genres.They both are great services but Netflix is slowly decreasing so it should be interesting to see what they do to keep up with the competition. While Netflix has one main package, Hulu comes with Many varying from the very basic to something that includes everything you need to watch.

  So with all these giant streaming services rising, it’s up to you, the viewer, to decide if the price to be entertained is worth it or not.