Tested Out

Jack Bathje, Sports Editor

Now that the year is finally wrapping up and standardized testing has finished, summer is within sight, but finals still loom over. This entire year seemed like preparation for tests like the SAT and the various AP exams. Yet after they finished, the atmosphere in the building has changed, giving a sense of relief to the students.

During these standardized exams it felt like there was no way to concentrate on other classwork, but that let us focus more on what’s coming up. To me the SAT was the most hyped up because of all the class time spent working on Khan Academy, and then by the time the actual test came the stress was lower but still remained. Although other students felt a little bit different,

“I feel relieved if I’m going to be honest that it’s over. It was stressful since I did take three AP tests and two of them were back to back, and I was already sick, these tests mentally and physically drain you even more. I just did my best and hoped my grade in other classes didn’t plummet as I focused on my AP tests.” said Mimi Bach, Class of 2020.

For the AP testing, those classes are mostly offered to upperclassmen, so to increase its size it should be advertised more to the incoming classes. Even though there’s testing at the end it’s a great way to see how much was retained through the year, as well as a possibility at earning a college credit for that course.

This year it seemed like scheduling of the test was one after the other, which it really was because we had the SAT and then in a span of two weeks AP testing for various classes.

“This wasn’t a good idea; it was a lot at once. If they were spaced out more I might’ve had some more time to study.” said Bach.

In all, everything this year threw at us seemed like too much to handle, yet with the end of the year here, a feeling of accomplishment has been felt schoolwide.