Dear Dr. Verona: A Farewell Letter to East’s Principal

Natali Cuevas , News Editor


Dear Dr.Verona,


  The news of you leaving us this school year hasn’t been easy. I see that many students seem to be unbothered by the news, but I however, am not. I am one of the more quiet and reserved kids. I’ve really only interacted with you maybe a total of four or five time in my three years at East. If I am being completely honest, I didn’t even know who you were my freshman year, but then my sophomore year I started seeing more of you. As many other kids, I will never forgot your singing. The first time I heard you sing was when you sang your almost award-winning song, “Get to Class/Don’t be Tardy”.


I would like to thank you for everything you have done for East. I feel like you are not appreciated enough. I really enjoyed when you would come down and meet with us, the newspaper staff. My favorite one was the most recent where we interviewed you at your departure. I feel like it really brought out the emotion in people.


Your sense of humor is different from others and it seems to always make someone laugh. Your presence at East will be missed. These halls will not be the same without your singing or your jokes.


I hope that whatever you have planned for the future brings you the best of luck. I hope that you will always remember us. East as a whole will miss you. Its been a good 3 years with you as my principal. I could have never asked for a better principal. Thank you, once again.


Once an E-Rab, Always an E-Rab!


Sincerely, Natali Cuevas


P.S. I also would like to apologize for scaring you the other day in the lunchroom. You were sitting behind me at lunch and my Hydro Flask fell and scared us both. Sorry!