Summer Plans

Tabitha Yoakum, Reporter

These two last days are the final ones of the class of 2020’s junior lives. Next year we will move on to our next step towards adulthood either choosing to work or pursue an education. Instead of focusing on that though, we are expected to have one last summer before the crippling life of adulthood hits us.

I am spending my summer working in hopes of earning money to buy mostly whatever I desire. I want to be able to afford a car, actually get my license which I have been dodging on getting, clothing, skincare products, and tickets for concerts near the start of fall. I know most of my friends and acquaintances have planned out places to go and events to participate in, but I have nothing more than that.

I don’t thinks it’s wrong to not do anything for most of your summer. It’s a time to relax. I would like to know about what everyone I know is planning on doing too.

This serves to share my thoughts and plans in hopes of sparking responses from others. It is also to be a short notice of caution during our break to everyone who reads. If you find meaning in this summer coming up and want to do something to signify its importance, at least stay safe and make smart decisions.    If you plan on nothing, keep in mind the possibilities of random events occurring and also stay safe. This is like a public service announcement for your safety and awareness. Go crazy, but not completely stupid.