East Starts Final Exemption Program

Natali Cuevas , News Editor

  With the school year coming to an end, final exams are also near.

  Final exams can cause students a great amount of stress. Sometimes students wish they didn’t have to take certain exams.

   At the beginning of April, East announced that final exemptions would take place this year.

  Final exemption forms were available on Apr. 29 for seniors and were due May 8. Final exemption forms for grades nine, ten, and eleven were available on May 13 and were due May 23.

     In order to be able to exempt, students needed to maintain an A for the semester. Alongside, the form(s) needed to be completed with all required signatures and were to be turned in before the deadline.

  Juniors and seniors were able to exempt up to two finals, where as freshman and sophomores were able to exempt up to one final.

  “I feel like sophomores and freshman should also be able to exempt two finals,” said Jennifer Piña, Class of 2021.

  In the announcement of final exemptions, it stated that East would be doing exemptions again. This caused some confusion among students. Students wondered how long exemptions have been around for.

  “The whole district allowed final exam exemptions in years past, but the program was abolished by a former superintendent. Near the start of this semester, we learned that Guilford had reinstated the program. So, we began our effort to get approval to bring it back to East,” said Katrina Garnhart, English teacher.

  Garnhart also said that final exam exemptions give students a positive incentive for earning and maintaining an A for the semester.

  “I regret doing bad in some classes. If I would’ve known sooner, I would had done better.” Linda Lara, Class of 2021.

  “I wish I knew sooner so i could have kept an A last quarter,” said Piña.

  Alongside, the final exemption program did encountered some problems, although they were minimal.

  “We did need to compromise with a couple teachers, and some students struggled with accountability regarding the form availability and submission dates,” said Garnhart.

  Garnhart also said that she is very thankful to our administration for allowing students to have this opportunity.

  Overall, final exemptions can be seen as a reward for maintaining good grades. It sets a goal for students to strive for better.

  Administration and staff plan to continue this program next year and years to come.

  “I think it definitely helped out with not being as stressed out.” said Piña.