Students celebrate at East’s 2019 Homecoming


photo by Natali Cuevas

Students participating in the dance.

Alyssa Kelley, People Editor

Homecoming is something many students look forward to. East’s dance took place on Oct. 12, with the theme being “Under the Stars.”

   Lights were strung around in the main gym, lighting the area up. Along with decorations, a photo booth was put towards the back of the dance floor, creating quite a crowd. 

   Students appeared to be happy and having fun. Many had differing reasons for attending the dance, some going for their first time.

   “Even though I don’t really favor those types of crowds, I could at least say that I went to homecoming one year and I had fun,” said Grace Nichols, class of 2020. 

   While most enjoyed the dance, other students still had some differing opinions. “Homecoming was fun, but it could use better music,” Stephanie Carrillo, class of 2021. Carrillo attended the dance for her first time this year. “I thought it would be a fun experience before I leave high school in two years.” 

   With new administration in the building this year, there were concerns on how the dance would proceed. “Ticket-taking could’ve been more organized. It was frustrating for the kids and staff,” said Stephen Heidel, Production academy principal, when asked about his first dance at East. 

   “We had to wait outside for a long time, and when we got inside there were like three lines for tickets,” said Carrillo, who felt a similar frustration.

Looking back on the dance, it seemed to be very successful. Despite the frustrations with ticket-taking, it appeared to be similar to the prior three years. One thing students seemed to have no complaints about was the photo booth. Most attendees lined up to have their pictures taken and were excited to see the prints the next day. Throughout the night, one thing was definite: E-RABs were making lasting memories.