Senior year starts off rough

Adriana Sanchez, Opinions editor

As this school year settles in, East High students prepare to head into their second quarter. As a Senior, this is when we start thinking of life after high school. As you may already know, senioritis is a real thing, at least in my opinion. It comes at different times and degrees. As hard as this school year may get, we have to stay in check. With college applications being sent out, these are the moments that define our future. I would have to say that my Senior year has been the most fun out of all years; the past three years I’ve been trying to find myself, I’m not there yet, but I’m getting there. 

As stress levels rise as the new quarter approaches, there are other things here at East High that are making the students more stressed. During our first week of school, we got a technology outage unexpectedly. It has been affecting students, staff and parents. Some say the technology outage has helped them since they won’t be distracted with their phones, teachers have had to hand write their grades since their grade book was down as well. Besides this mishap, students including me are ready for this new chapter in their life. 

My favorite thing about East High these past four years has definitely been the friends I’ve made. They have been supporting and caring about me through this journey.  “The soccer and track team, and my friends has been the best things for me at East” stated Christopher Bueno, class of 2020. 

Along with the tech outage, some new rules went into place this school year, such as a strict no cell phone policy, This new rule has been beneficial in my opinion because students are less distracted in the classroom, and can get their work done. “The phone rule doesn’t really affect me as long as the students are doing their work, it’s been an interesting change over with everything going on along with the grade books not working” stated Rich Hacker, art teacher.

Let’s make this school year full of memories that we will remember forever. Difficulties will come our way, but it’s how we react that will change our path and write this new chapter.