Tech outage affects students’ ability to improve PSAT’s scores

Zach Mosley, Reporter

Are students really learning without tech? The basic answer at first glance is no, students are not learning without technology. What if we, as students, took a deeper dive into the learning of students? Teachers have been saying for weeks at this point, that “without the access to the computers, we can not access our files.” 

   With the PSAT’s, that just passed, I asked if students were prepared properly for the PSAT’s. In today’s world, we do rely on phones, so the technology outage has affected many students learning, because students had little to no idea how to convert, or change their learning as a whole. 

 Deacon Wolf, class of 2020, added:“No, I don’t think so because they rely on phones and their tech for their knowledge.”

   In addition to the technology outage, while most teachers were struggling for air, trying to find anything they can that would be useful in their lessons, some teachers are still in their first few years of teaching.. Meanwhile, the students are just trying to soak up what they can. 

   “Noland, I think handled it pretty well. Just Kahoot was the major thing he couldn’t use for review,” said Mr. Noland’s TA, Gavin Strommer, Class of 2020. 

    To finish, there are a few classes based solely around computers,  such as Mrs. Wrasse, who has five classes of graphic design.

   “I had to change around the grading, for the most part quality is a majority, but there are students who think they are not good enough at hand drawing, so I started grading on participation and effort,” said Wrasse, in her 5th year of graphic design teaching.

   To point to the future, and move on is what everyone in the district hopes for, with the internet and computers returning over the last two weeks. Even though it is not consistent everywhere in the building or district, there is hope. Hope gives new learning opportunities.