A Promising Future For East Football

Jack Bathje and Leonard Curtis

  This season started out with promise for the East varsity football team, but that light slowly faded by the end, when chances for making the playoffs disappeared.

    To many players the biggest obstacle seemed to be trying to move on after the last senior class left.

“Most of the players last year on the field were seniors and now this year we have a lot of younger guys,” said Charles Berry class of 2021.

   By having a younger team, consisting mostly of sophomores and juniors. they may seem to struggle now, but in a few years the team itself should be built back up, but still have to focus with this group.

   “This varsity team doesn’t have enough experience now, compared to the previous year, and the seniors are not really focused anymore…most of them quit, we feel like our senior year was messed up.” said Demari Hart, class of 2020.

  This lack of commitment could be a major factor in the low success rate this season, but again this could all change with the upcoming group.

   From a coaching stance, the view on the team is that “we’re a very young team, we have ten sophomores and one freshman on the varsity team, we did what we wanted to do with what we had, and if Tay Lake wasn’t injured we could of had a better chance at making the playoffs” said Gary Griffin, Head Coach. 

   With all the ups and downs that this season had to offer, much hope is still out there for next year, “we will be having seventeen returning starters, we should be the best we’ve been in a while, this season the sophomore team won six games, and those weren’t the ones already on the varsity team”. Said Griffin.

So come next season the results from the team’s work should pay off on the field.