SNL and their “political commentaries”

Sully Reilly, Entertainment Editor

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   As common on the show, Saturday Night Live likes to make little skits about Donald Trump. These are designed to make a complete mockery of him and the politics around him to begin with. One of the most recent spoofs has gotten on the nerves of many, which is quite ridiculous. I believe most of what airs on this show should be taken as it is — a joke. 

   According to Dean Obeidallah on CNN, the show “slammed Trump Supporters — painting them, collectively, as complete buffoons,” It is humorous that this is brought up as a negative point against the show at all, because this is typically what the media does in a serious tone, much less a comedic tone 

   The second thing that was the “issue” with this spoof was that the show “positioned Trump as the responsible person, who was the voice of reason, trying to rein in his supporters’ worst instincts,” said Obeidallah. He then went on to say, “ Nothing could be further from the truth”.

   I thoroughly believe, as stated already, that everything on this show should be taken as a joke since that is what it really is: a joke. This was just to make fun of Trump, which is as usual in the media. I believe stating what Obeidallah did is hollow and grasping at straws. There is practically no reason to state what he (Obeidallah) stated. It was obviously a satirical take on another situation of Trump’s, in which the negative and stupid things that happen are highlighted to create that said humor. There is no truth to what happened in the SNL skit. 

   Many disagree with my point, which is quite understandable due to how touchy politics can be in general. I can see both sides (as in left and right-leaning perspectives), but I still am more neutral than anything. Representation can cause many problems, especially in the political scene. 

   “It is kind of bogus that they came for Trump supporters like that… To generalize all of the people who support Trump as degenerates just because they are Republican is kind of beyond satire. Some of the jokes were funny and some were not at all,” said Charlie Landerholm, class of 2020.

   I believe that these jokes should remain as jokes, and not the deep, political commentary that many perceive this to be — although it is comprehensible sometimes when many can be upset by it.