Rating my junior year

Aly Scott, In-Depth Editor

Junior year is easily the most stressful time of a teenager’s life. I am normally a solid honors student in all of my classes; I’m a good student. However, this year the classes I used to be good at have immensely gotten more difficult. Now, math is all about life; language and composition is better if you aren’t the best at English, and biology isn’t the same biology that it was two years ago.
This year I have two AP classes, AP language and composition and AP biology, and the anxiety is always high. Everyday we’re talking about the AP test and how I would do if I were to go in right now and take it. On one hand, I’m all strung out about how I’m doing in the classes, but on the other I’m grateful my teacher’s are preparing me so early on. I just hope that after all the stress going into all these quizzes and assignments pays off.
On top of two AP classes, all my other classes are trying to prepare me for the SAT I have the absolute joy of taking this Spring. According to Mr. Parker, he’s going to do his best at making sure he raises our test scores, but I just feel I’m not doing as well as everyone else. Of course I’m fine with all the preparation for this one test we actually do; however, I always feel ill prepared.
Although this year is stressful and difficult, I wouldn’t change it for the world. This year we get privileges like off-campus lunch, which helps get me away from the loud bustle of the school cafeteria. It resets my brain, and gets me ready to take on my afternoon classes, without making me tired or unmotivated like school lunch tends to do for me. I usually leave with a friend, so it also helps me build better bonds with my classmates, and ultimately is a lot more fun than staying in,
This year I’m also more involved in my school outside of the routine 8:15 to 3:30. I became the class of 2021’s Class President, that really puts me out there socially. We’ve done things like set up for Homecoming, paint our class banner, and help make themes for things like spirit week and football games. When I think about the good parts of this year, student commissions is a key part in that happiness. I think things like football games and banner decorating are the real highschool memories all of our parents are telling us to go out and make.
So, when I really look at it, junior year may be the absolute most stressful year I’ve ever gone through in my high school experience, but at the same time it’s also the most fun. This year is the year my friends and I went from introverted sophomores to a little, less introverted juniors, and that has to be something, right? Either way, if this much pure joy is what the first quarter of the year has brought to us, I can’t wait to see what the rest of this year, and my final year next year, will bring.