Humans of East High – Expression


Zoie Beard, Broadcast Team Member

“When I was younger, I felt awkward because I was trying to figure myself out and had many things I wanted to try. I still do, but I’ve become more comfortable with myself, which allows me to express myself better. Lately I have been releasing the pit within me that is so worried about how others perceive me. I can sort of control the way others view me by using expression. Looking at me, you wouldn’t really think all of the things I’ve created. I feel as though people view me as regular, but my art is a way I break that barrier and express myself. Some people make me feel like I have to hide around them because they’d think I’m weird or they just wouldn’t understand. I can’t express certain emotions or feelings through words so I use my art as an outlet. For a lot of my creations I’ve felt scared or nervous to show others because it’s a piece of me. It creates a sense of vulnerability. People disregard the emotion in a lot of the pieces and all they can say is, ‘“Cool.’” I’ve realized that when you express yourself you don’t need to worry about what other people are going to think of you. Everyone is different and expression reflects on who you are as a person. People can’t judge my art because that’s just how I made it. Sometimes I can’t explain my art because it just comes to me. When I paint I don’t aim to do a certain thing; I just paint because I feel like I need to. Inside, you know what you want or what you want to express, so I just allow my hands to do the work for my mind. A lot of people think this is relieving, but sometimes it makes me feel more stressed. Being able to express myself creatively really gave me a different voice and it caused me to view myself differently as well.”
-A human of East High