Underrated Artists: Cuco

Natali Cuevas, News Editor

There is always a handful of musicians that are underrated or not many people have heard of. One of my current favorite underrated artists is Omar Banos a.k.a Cuco.

   Cuco is a twenty-one-year-old Chicano artist from LA. His songs are a mixture of Spanish and English. Cuco’s genre can be considered as a mix of alternative dream-pop, lo-fi pop and synth-pop. 

   He started writing songs at the age of 11 but didn’t start recording until he was at the age of 15. He can play two musical instruments: the guitar and trumpet. 

   He currently has four albums:Wannabewithu (2016), Songs4u (2017), Chiquito (2018), and Para Mi (2019). 

   His single “Lo Que Siento (What I Feel)” was the song that put him on the rise. The song currently has 72 million streams on Spotify alone. 

   I have been listening to Cuco for the past eight months. The first song I listened to by him was “Lo Que Siento.” It made me fall in love with the song itself and led me to explore more of his music. 

   All of Cuco’s songs have to do with romance, whether it’d be a break-up, missing someone or loving someone too much. 

   Cuco’s songs are really relaxing to listen to. Plus, every song has a story and his lyrics are meaningful. Cuco’s voice is soothing no matter what the song is. 

    I really love how Cuco also makes and sings songs in Spanish. I do not typically enjoy the more “modern” songs that Hispanic artist have put out because it is just not my preference. However, when he sings in Spanish, you can hear the passion in his voice. 

   Cuco is not for everyone, but I do recommend listening to at least one song. 

Here are three songs I recommend from each album



  • “Amor de Siempre”
  • “Lover is a Day”
  • “Cupid’s Quiver”




  • “Lava Lamp”
  • “We Had to End it”
  • “One and Only”




  • “Dontmakemefallinlove”
  • “Mi Infinita”
  • “Summertime High Time”


Para Mi


  • “Do Better”
  • “Keeping Tabs”
  • “Bossa No Se”