Streaming services battle for viewers’ attention

Jack Bathje, Sports Editor

   This November two new streaming services have dropped after months of anticipation. Perhaps the biggest one is Disney + which offers just about every product of Disney, as well as Marvel properties, the Star Wars franchise, and pieces from National Geographic. This may seem overwhelming at first but with this much content there is something for everyone.

   At only $6.99 a month this new service greatly rivals Netflix at $13, as well as offering a greater variety of content.

  On the serious side of viewing, Apple TV also dropped appealing to an older and mature audience,with shows like “See” and “The Morning Show”. To compete with Disney it seems like Apple enlisted many A-list actors and actresses such as Jason Momoa and Jennifer Aniston. Only costing $4.99 a month this affordable price may be enough to draw serious attention from other streaming platforms.

   To me, Disney +  is one of those rare cases where bigger is better, when exploring what it has to offer it feels like the selections are endless. Having content ranging from sixty years ago to the present appeals to all generations. Personally I feel that its upcoming original series like the “Mandalorian” or the developing Marvel series “ Falcon and the Winter soldier” or “Loki’ are what’s going to increase its popularity by tying in the movies to television. Its biggest selling point is that if you are a Verizon customer with an unlimited plan, you can get the service free for a year.

   “Disney + has great value and draw, and the draw is all the popular things like all the Star Wars  stuff and the Pixar stuff that’s popular in our culture, they’re offering it to us in a low price package and we can access almost on any platform. Whereas Apple TV just doesn’t offer what I want. ” said Allen Noland, psychology teacher and Star Wars fanatic.

   On the other hand, I do not care about Apple TV, it feels like it’s trying too hard to compete with mainstream television by producing high budget shows that don’t have any real hype. The plots of these just don’t appeal to me, they feel like they’re rehashed ideas from either books or old shows that got recycled into whatever getting released. Apple also gives the service  free for a year to those who buy a new product like an iphone. 

   “With all  the other services out there like Netflix, Hulu, and Disney, I would probably not give it a chance, just due to the cost of adding another service, if it increases its content to something that I might watch then I may try it,” said Chad Monmany, class of 2020.

   In all, I would highly recommend Disney + to anyone who is thinking about getting it, I wouldn’t not recommend Apple TV but it’s just not for me.