East High Theater Department Makes it “BIG”

Alyssa Kelley, People Editor

   East’s first production of the year, BIG The Musical, will start on Nov. 22. There is a lot of excitement surrounding it this year, as there were no shows out of the theater department last year. With the new theater teacher, though, there are high hopes for the musical this year.

   The cast itself is very energetic about the topic of the musical, especially the seniors, believing it would be a refreshing change from past productions. “ A lot either been medieval or princess themed, and since this is [set in] the 80s, it’s completely different from that stuff,” said Blaze Schiro, class of 2020. Cast members are also excited about what will be happening onstage. “We’ve traded a rap written in the script for the rap in the movie, because we believe the audience would like it better,” said Grant Schutte class of 2020. 

   Not only is the musical itself promising; the cast and crew are putting a lot of effort to create a wonderful experience for the audience. The director, Stepheni Woods, is “giving up her nights to help East’s theater department grow and succeed,”said Schiro. Karen Real, class of 2020, says, “ I feel proud doing this, and am excited to see my mom in the audience”. 

   The musical takes place Friday night at 7. Tickets are 5 dollars and you can buy them from any cast or crew members. With all the effort put in, it would be a shame to miss East’s production of BIG The Musical.