A review of End of the F***ing World season 2

Connor Fowler, Copy Editor

   Though the first season of End of the F***ing World was a shocking dive into the psychotic minds of James and Alyssa, the second season attempts to dive into their lackluster relationship and instead slowly sinks to the bottom of boredom. 

   We open with Alex Lather and Jessica Barden, reprising their roles as James and Alyssa, respectively. Another character is introduced, Bonnie, played by Naomi Ackle. The season starts strong and quite intriguing, showing the aftermath of season 1’s shocking finale. James is recovering from his almost lethal wound, Alyssa is trying to find herself and Bonnie is scheming to murder both of them. The season many had been waiting for for so long had a great start.

   Then, it went downhill.  What made the first season of End of the F***ing World so good, was that it dove into a young man’s mind and how he thought he was a psychopath with a need to kill. His drive for murder slowly changed as Alyssa (unintendedly) taught him love and emotion. James’ arc was the series. How has James completely changed yet Alyssa is still selfish and rude? In season 2, he is an entirely different person while she has remained her season 1 self. The new episodes do not have the same shock-factor that the first had. We have already learned of Bonnie’s intentions early on, and we know her entire backstory as well. The plot of season 2 is just lackluster. 

   Season 1 made a connection with the audience, showing how depression and coldness can be transformed into love and warmth due to the love of another. Season 2 lacks the same love and connections that the previous had created.  All emotion and “heartfelt” moments feel pushed and unwarranted.

   Overall, End of the F***ing World , if done right, could have used a second season to wrap up the storyline. However, the season lost its connections and focal points to the want of a final ending. Watching season two has made me want the world to finally end.