A chance for East to give back

Connor Fowler, Copy Editor

 The climax of the “thankful season” is nearly here, and many are preparing their gullets and stomachs for the turkey, gravy, stuffing and casseroles. While ovens broil and potatoes boil, many in our nation face the struggle of a grumbling stomach. 

   Homelessness and hunger is a rampant problem in our nation. Especially in the holiday season, the less fortunate are often passed over, only gaining a penny or a dime from a passerby who is tired of hearing the ringing bells of the Salvation Army. Our nation’s decadence and hubris has created a wall of egocentrism, a wall that East High School students want to knock down. 

   The students of East are eager to give back and are willing to volunteer their time on school break to do so the day before Thanksgiving.

   “Thanksgiving to me has always been about giving back. It’s important to make sure everyone has an amazing Thanksgiving, so volunteering for an important day means a lot because it makes those people feel important,” said Isabel Muniz, class of 2020.

   East students will be volunteering at Northern Illinois Food Bank’s Winnebago Community Market, a “store” where individuals can get food and other necessities. The students will be packing, distributing and delivering the food to cars for three hours.

    The setup was surprisingly easy, contacting NIFB through their website. Organizers responded quickly, giving East the last 15 volunteer positions. They requested an attendance sheet and consent form if the individual has never volunteered with the organization before, which was easy to fill out. 

   It is the perfect time of giving back to the community, the day before we give thanks for what we have.

   “Being included in this amazing opportunity has really warmed my heart because it feels good to be helping people. I always love to help people feel happy as best as I can, and this is a chance for me to do that for a lot of people,” said Grace Nichols, class of 2020.

    It truly is the most wonderful time of the year, and East students are excited that they can make it wonderful for at least one family in the month of thanks.