Q&A with All-State MVP Roberto Davila


Natali Cuevas, News Editor

Q:What grade are you in?



Q:When did you start playing soccer? 

A:“I was around six years old” 


Q:What’s your position in soccer?

A:“I play midfield. I can also play striker.” 


Q:What number did you play? 

A:“Number nine” 


Q:Who inspires you the most? 

A:“My parents. They are hard workers, and they always push me to my limits.”


Q:What are your plans after high school (school?) 

A:“I don’t know what college I will be attending yet, but I want to go to college for soccer. “ 


Q:What’s your favorite memory at East

A:“Probably freshman year when I scored my first goal because everybody came jumping at me.”


Q:What you will miss most about East? 

A“All of my friends” 


Q:What is your biggest accomplishment this season?

A“Getting all-state MVP and being recognized by [the] NIC-10”


Q:What was your biggest challenge this season? 

A“I don’t know, I can’t think of any [laughs].” 


Q:Would you like to say thanks to coach?

A “I mean not really [laughs]. [Coach] Fiorucci knows everything.”