Midway sails into theaters

Sully Reilly, Entertainment Editor

   The remake of the old Midway movie released over Veteran’s Day weekend and it is exactly the movie you would expect to release for this holiday. It was quite the thrilling story for an idea already explored in film.

   This is a recreation of the 1976 movie of the same battle. The older movie focuses on the battle itself. You are able to keep track of what is happening. It is easier to keep track of the number of ships left in the battle, so for someone interested in history, the old one may do you well enough. 

   This recreation focuses more on a story-line based on the characters themselves. The main character Richard “Dick” Best is a cocky pilot played by Ed Skrein. He is typically the main character throughout the film, which is thoroughly enjoyable.  

    “I liked the acting in this new one. It was top notch,” said Julien Gomez, Class of 2020. 

   You pretty much start off the film right away with a showing of his cockiness. He disobeys orders during a practice run to do what he wants just for the sake of his own self benefit. Which from a movie-watcher view point, it’s obvious that that will cause something on later on. On top of that, you are shown that his best friend dies right off the bat and you know that it will damage Dick and his cockiness. The way the movie plays off of how cocky he is is really an interesting dynamic throughout the movie. 

  “I believe it’s a great movie to watch on how many Americans in the navy reacted to the attack on Pearl Harbor,” said Tristen Wagoner, Class of 2020, and student who has committed to join the Navy.

   When compared to the original, I cannot say that it is bad. They are just very different. This new rendition, focused on the characters and their development throughout while the old one was more about the battle itself. Like I said, neither is necessarily bad, but each one does something in their own way. 

   “This new one seemed to focus on characters way more than the old one while the original really developed the battle. Both are pretty great spins on the battle,” said Gomez. 

   Surprisingly, Nick Jonas was in the movie. He played the character Bruno, and did not play a very big role. I found his accent funny in the movie because he attempted to speak like someone from New Jersey in the 40’s. When he spoke, I started laughing because I did not expect him to sound how he did. He was basically used for a little bit of comedy in a rather serious movie. Overall, I did like how his character was utilized throughout the movie. 

   The movie was a great take on a very meaningful battle, and I would recommend this movie to anyone.