Star Wars causes a lot of issues within its fanbase

Sully Reilly, Entertainment Editor

   The trailer of the third and final movie of the new Star Wars trilogy was released a bit ago and so far, it is not as impressive as I expected it to be. What they revealed so far is genuinely disappointing. It feels like they are following a path that will be hard to come back from and be able to wrap up all of Star Wars

   Personally, I am a huge Star Wars fan and I love it in pretty much every form so obviously, I am going to be excited for this movie. Even after learning about the movie from the trailers and even the story that was leaked, I am still excited to see it even though I am kind of disappointed in what has been possibly produced so far. 

   “I have mixed emotions. They kind of lost me in the last episode to begin with,” said Allen Noland, East High School teacher and Star Wars buff.

   Star Wars has always been about Anakin Skywalker. The original creator of Star Wars, George Lucas, even says this. He designed his first six movies around the character of Anakin. The way he did this was with “the prophecy” that Anakin is the chosen one and would bring balance to the force. At the end of the “last movie” he sacrifices himself to kill Emperor Palpatine, which is how he balanced the force. In the new movie Palpatine is back. He is shown in the trailer in a scene with Rey, which raises many questions.  

   “I feel like it [the movie] is going to answer a bunch of the questions that people have been asking,” said Kaci Hunter, class of 2023.

   In order to stay true to Star Wars, I believe that Anakin has to be a part of the movie. He was not in any leaks or any trailers so that really disappoints me. Disney is potentially (most likely) not staying loyal to the original Star Wars story and doing whatever because they know that it will sell very well anyway. Which one may argue that this could be a good thing that the story is different, which I could see, but I think Star Wars is something you should not change like this. It should be about Anakin still. He is what the other two trilogies are about and he is practically the foundation of the whole universe of Star Wars, which it would not be right to include his counterpart without his presence, especially when the whole thing about the prophecy is brought up. 

   To sum it up, I believe that since Palpatine is back, Anakin must come back in order to truly fulfil the prophecy that Star Wars has been following throughout its history. 

   Everything else seems to be okay about it so far though. Nothing impressed me too much with the trailers but then again they are not supposed to reveal too much. Luke’s role in the past few movies have been quite odd. Not much of him is shown in the trailer for obvious reasons but I feel as if he must be included.

   “I did not like the role Luke played,” said Noland.

   What I heard about the leaks though is what I dislike. The story seems very sloppy. Characters are brought back kinda sloppily and then they get rid of characters sloppily and I just did not like what I read. Then again, they are leaks and you cannot fully trust them, but they seemed to come from a somewhat trustworthy source so there is probably some aura of reality to what has been leaked. Overall, the story seemed clumsy and even had rumors of reshooting, so that does not help at all because it gives me the impression that even they did not like what they came up with.