Dear Seniors,

Hailey Hunter, Social Media Director

Dear seniors,

   We’ve waited on graduation day for four years now, and before we know it we will be walking across the stage. It’s exciting, but don’t let it pass by without stopping for a moment to be thankful for what the last four years gave you. It may not have hit you yet, but when this summer ends we will not walk back through the doors of East High School greeting each other to another year. Instead… we grow up. A lot of us will move away for college and begin a new chapter of our lives that felt so far until you’re moving into your dorm room four hours away from home. Remember all the times we wished we could just graduate already?

   High school is hard, believe me I know, but if we set aside the adversity and the difficulties of being a teenager, you might be surprised to know these will forever be some of the best times of our lives. Our memories will become stories to tell as adults reminiscing about the good old days. High School threw bricks at us, but bruises do not last forever. All of those nights where we cried our eyes out because of overwhelming work and drama will not be important anymore. Staying up until 2 a.m. doing homework due to taking a full load of AP and project based classes that would look good on college applications was all worth it because you got into that college. That SAT score you were not too thrilled about does not matter anymore, and that “C” you got in math does not define you. Swaying relationships are all part of growing up, so forget about the arguments you had with your parents, the friends who stabbed you in the back, and the boy that broke your heart, because people come and go from your life for a reason. Take a breath, because all of those things that have made our lives seem like hell the past four years were only temporary, it was all part of this thing called life that takes most people awhile to figure out. We won’t remember those moments like we will the best ones. Car rides and late night ice cream runs with your best friend made those stressful nights disappear. Joking with your favorite teacher who made you enjoy coming to class everyday made school bearable. The siblings we always fight with started becoming our best friends who made life a little lighter. The soccer team or any team you played for became family. We grew bonds, we found people to look up to and guide us through the times we were hard on ourselves, and all of the times we didn’t believe we were good enough, those people lead us to where we are now, so don’t forget about them as life goes on. You won’t remember things like that six page essay you had to write, or the gloomy days where you just wanted to stay in bed, but you will remember the ones like  dancing the night away at homecoming, and losing your voice in the student section when the basketball team went to state. 

   This final semester will feel like the longest five months of our lives, but soak in every moment, don’t waste time overthinking and stressing out when we have such a small amount of time left before we are walking across the stage. High school revealed who we are and what we want to be in the future, it built relationships we’ll have forever, it taught us lessons, and I don’t mean algebra lessons. Four years felt like an entire lifetime, but here we are, and now it’s almost over. You might read this and disagree, you might believe that high school truly was the worst years of your life and you absolutely can’t wait to be out.Take it from me, stop for a second and think about the good times, the people you met, and the chapter of your life that has shaped you. It may not have been perfect, and it definitely was not like the movies, but these were the best years of my life and I won’t ever let go of the memories I made, friendships I built, and person I’ve become. 


So here’s to just a few more months of memories together.