The Mandalorian blasts into Disney+

Jack Bathje, Sports Editor

   When Disney+ launched on Nov. 12 of 2019, its original series The Mandalorian debuted, and it was amazing, It lived up to all the hype that had been surrounding it for months. This new take on the Star Wars universe offered something different in that it focused on a relatively unknown character: the bounty hunter Mandalorian. By the end of the first action-packed episode, audiences were introduced to “The Child” or as many viewers call it, “Baby Yoda,” 

   Each episode offered a new seemingly independent story line with some overlapping of the central plot. Personally, I enjoyed that aspect because it felt like you could start wherever without much context. By focusing on the more obscure elements that Star Wars offers, it allowed new fans to view without having to know much about all of the other movies and shows. 

The Mandalorian is a breath of fresh air compared to the new bloated Star Wars trilogy. The show is more simplistic and is more engaging with its characters,” said Julien Gomez, class of 2020,

   This series felt like it offered more than most of the newer Star Wars movies that had been released, in that it gave the time to properly develop each character that reappeared episode to episode, as well as its amazing use of practical effects opposed to overbearing CGI. I felt like this was a better call back to the original movies and offered a sense of realism compared to the prequel movies, which were a green-screen mess.

  So, the whole baby “Baby Yoda” thing happened and everybody lost it, with the unnamed child quickly becoming the star of the show even though he never said a word. By keeping him a secret until the series debuted added a whole new shock factor that made the series even better.

    “I think Baby Yoda is so cute and really made 2019 a little bit better. He’s become an icon even for people that haven’t seen The Mandalorian, said Mimi Bach, class of 2020.

     All-in-all, this is a truly great series that needs to be watched if you have the service. If you do not have it, there is always enough baby Yoda memes going around.