Are two Paul Rudd´s better than one? Living with Yourself Netflix review

Adriana Sanchez

   Living With Yourself is one of Netflix’s most recent comedies to be put on the platform. Paul Rudd plays the main character Miles, and his name alone is enough to pull in any viewer. His show has had a fair bit of hype around it before the release date (Oct. 18th, 2019). Will Living with Yourself deliver? Is it worth watching? The story is something that we do not really see on Netflix, which I think is a good thing. 

   A guy named Miles who is quite unhappy with his life and therefore wants a change decided to go to a spa which can transform your life.  After going, it becomes known that they do not actually improve your life: they will kill you and create a new, happier version of the person that  would not survive. It was off the bat an extremely interesting concept. The new and improved version of Miles was achieving great things, going to work, succeeding and fulfilling a happy marriage. 

   I think the way the story was structured was executed very well, as we would see the same timeline for each perspective throughout an episode and I thought that was a brilliant way of delivering the story while also allowing you to understand and connect with both versions of the character. 

   “It’s cool to see Paul Rudd play a character that I’m not used to seeing him play, I know him from Ant-Man and other movies. I personally really enjoyed this show and seeing two sides of his story and his everyday life was very different from any other Netflix show that I have seen,” said Adrian Sanchez, class of 2020. 

   There were only a couple of points where I did get a little confused, but after a minute or so I would get right back into it. I liked the way that although it was another version of himself, you could see the jealousy from both sides. Having to leave his wife so that the newer version could treat her better was translated across the screen well. 

   The final fight scene was entertaining to watch and it showed the amount of tension the eight episodes had been building on the way to the show finishing. With Kate, played by Aisling Bea, announcing that she was pregnant even though she was sleeping with both of them was a good way for the show to end. It was peculiar that the original Miles (Rudd) was happy for his other half and willing to accept him in, but I suppose because it is himself he would know how much this means for his relationship with his wife.

    I did really enjoy this first season and I hope they do not make a second second. Although it is a great show that provides a lot of laughter, the story finishes in a relatively satisfying way that allows you to just think to yourself that you had a great four hours of binging. I think the two leads in the show did a great job delivering three characters that you could connect with that you actually wanted to go on a journey with and see how the story would unfold. I salute Paul Rudd as well for being able to play the same character on two different ends of the spectrum. Visually, it was really easy to tell who is who since it was down to the performance which helped the differentiation. I would say that the show is definitely worth a watch. When it first started it reminded me of an early 2000‘s comedy movie, which I personally love when shows/movies give off that comedy vibe.  It is not a laugh-out-loud show, but there are moments where it is just ridiculously funny and some lines make you chuckle. The performance is extremely comfortable to watch. It is a lighthearted easy viewing experience when you walk away enjoying what you have just seen. I personally would have loved it if the final episode was an hour long just for the sake of allowing more time for the finale to develop rather than a twenty-minute-something minute episode that flies by. It is a show where it leaves you wanting more and wanting to know what happens next, which is something I look for in a show.