Dreadful finals after break

Zach Mosley, Reporter

   This year has been different. Starting after Labor Day was an unusual start to my last year. While just about everyone in the RPS community is used to starting up school up again in mid-to-late August, we did not go back for an extra couple of weeks. This pushed back our finals, so now we have to come back in January and review again. 

   Before the class of 2020 entered high school, class of 2015 was the last class to take finals after winter break. This is a new environment for each person taking finals. A majority of people just completely try and forget about school during break, and that is including myself. 

   “The finals should have been kept the way that they were. Getting back from break and starting a new semester was the better move,” said Corey Young, class of 2020.

    Not being in school for nearly two weeks can do some damage if students are not learning or doing extra credit.. Now that finals are here, teachers have been reviewing since being back. At least the teachers have acknowledged the fact students just want to relax and not stress over break. 

   “Winter break gives us time to relax, but it does create some room for forgetting finals,” said Carter Wyatt, class of 2020.

   The only reason they changed finals is to make first semester a similar length to second. If there is too big of a gap, it could throw off students and faculty. It was not too large of a change for teachers who have taught in high school for Rockford Public Schools for more than five years. 

   Overall, I really wish RPS would not have set the schedule up like they did. Apparently for the 2020-2021 school year schedule, they did do something almost exactly the same as this year. Write some stronger concluding sentences.