UPDATE: Australia Bushfires

Elizabeth Martinez, Reporter

Australia is back in the news again as the fires have been getting progressively worse and spreading to more parts of the region after multiple fires ended up merging. Here is an update on the current situation in the country. 

   About 18 million acres of land on the main land have been burned, as well as more than a third (about 600 square miles) of Kangaroo Island resulting in more casualties from animals and people alike. In New South Wales, nearly half a billion animals have been affected by the fires and the death toll of citizens has risen to at least 26. Residents of the state of Victoria has been warned to leave as soon as possible by their Premier, Daniel Andrews, as the fires spread quickly and heat spike warnings rise throughout the region.

   Police have accused at least 24 people of setting fires in Australia that have contributed to the disasters. The arrests have been mostly adolescents, including a 19 year old volunteer who was arrested back in November after it was discovered that he had contributed to the start of one of the vast amount of fires. There has since been a fire ban put in place for many regions in Australia that at least three people have been arrested for breaching.

   Thankfully, a miracle has happened for New South Wales: Sometime in the first week of the new year, it began to rain. It is almost as if Mother Earth has realized not much is being done to save her as well as us and she is doing what she can to save it all but she can only do so much. The rain was described as being sooty in Sydney to Melbourne and even “torrential” in other portions of the region. However, despite the blessing of rain falling on ravaged parts, it has been warned that blazes may take off again soon.

   The community should come together and help one another to do what we can to save our planet, our wildlife and our people. As the Earth is slowly slipping from our grasp, we have done very little to save what is left of it and we really should be doing all we can to help out. If the people don’t figure out what to do soon, maybe we will  meet our deadline sooner than expected.