Freshman swimmer shatters records


photo by Amy Taylor

Jack Bathje, Sports Editor

   This season, freshman Camden Taylor came onto the scene for high school swimming and already broke three records halfway through the season.

   Taylor began swimming in 2011 and is still going strong. He began his career swimming with the YMCA and went to state for them every season.

   All this success has been a result of countless hours practicing in the pool, as well as balancing academics and other sports.

    “I try to only focus on my school work when I’m in class, and when I swim, I focus on swim,” said Taylor.

   Practicing just about every day can be very draining, swimming back and forth for hours, staring down at a blue line not really thinking about anything. For Taylor, though, it just seems effortless. Whether it be during practices or in the middle of a swim meet, the results of his work have certainly paid off.

    “It truly gets hard at times, but I have to stay on my grind to succeed. By my senior year, I plan to swim at the state meet,” said Taylor.

  Being coached by his mother, Amy Taylor, lends a new perspective on typical practices. It may seem unconventional but it is for sure a unique experience for both of them.

“It’s definitely a challenge to coach him at times. I feel like I’m only his coach during practice and not his mom,”said Coach Amy Taylor.

    “Its different but it’s also easier, because I get to complain…it’s still fun at times,” said Camden Taylor.

    With the season winding down and the larger meets such as conference and sectionals in sight, the grind still presses on for Taylor and the rest of the team to compete to their fullest and see where it takes them.