A Recap of 2019

Hailey Hunter, Social Media Director


   2019 was quite the year for pop culture, athletics, politics and even our very own E-Rabs. Now as we enter a new year and a new decade with many possibilities, moments and memories awaiting us, let us take a quick recap of what happened in 2019. 



  • The Impeachment of President Trump 

On December 18th, Donald Trump was officially impeached by the House of Representatives. 


  • Climate Change Erupts


Air pollution in big cities, floods in the Midwest, fires in California and Australia and rising sea levels were all major effects of climate change as it begins to cause more damage. 


  • Mass Shootings & Gun Reform


The great debate of the 2nd Amendment still rings out as gun reform laws sway back and forth. Mostly younger generations cry out for change after hundreds of mass shootings were carried out in 2019. 


  • Immigration 


A lot of gun-related violence was targeted towards immigrants. Deaths and detention centers at the border of Mexico caused controversy and revealed the true treatment of immigrants there. 


  • College Cheating Scandal


Two big time celebrities, Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman, were caught and charged with using millions of dollars in bribes to get their children accepted into high-level colleges. 


  • Sexual Assault Cases Rise 


Sexual assault continues to be a major problem in our world today. Millions of women are affected and many celebrities have been accused in 2019. 


  • Brexit


The United Kingdom decided to withdraw from the European Union. This began in 2016 and will finally become a done deal on Jan. 20. 


  • Juul


The latest “trend” among teens was the now popular vape device that has become deadly in 2019 and continues to cause lung damage among others. 


  • Protests around the World


Huge and oftentimes violent protests took place around the world in 2019 including Hong Kong, Iran, Russia, Spain and multiple other places fighting for things such as proposed bills, price increases, elections and fights for independence.




  • Popular Music 


2019 was one of the biggest years in music, with Billboard’s top 3 artists of the year coming  out to be Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande, and Post Malone. Is that an official title? Maybe look and capitalize.


  • Disney Plus


The release of Disney’s very own streaming service broke the internet by giving fans a place to watch almost all of their favorite old Disney TV shows and movies, as well as many new and exclusive ones.


  • USWNT Wins World Cup 


The United States Women’s National Soccer Team won their second World Cup title in a row. They inspired generations of soccer players and athletes and left a legacy fans will never forget. 


  • Biggest Movies of the Year


2019 was also a BIG year for new movies. The top 3 most popular were Avengers: Endgame, Lion King, and Toy Story 4. 


  • 2019 Trends


New trends come around every year. Some of the biggest outbreaks in 2019 were the popular video making app TikTok, the newest stereo type of VSCO girls, cancel culture and hundreds of hilarious memes that everyone will remember. Then there were some trends that might cause major regret in the future such as bulky sneakers, FaceTune and lip fillers. 


  • Champions in Sports


Rockford had it’s very own moment of fame when Auburn High School grad Fred VanVleet won the NBA National Championship with the Toronto Raptors. The New England Patriots were SuperBowl champions once again, and the Washington Nationals took their second World Series title ever. 


  • Most Popular on Netflix


Some of the most popular and binge worthy Netflix TV shows include Stranger Things, When They See Us, The Umbrella Academy, You, Dead To Me and 13 Reasons Why




  • Boys Basketball Takes 4th at State


The 2019 boys basketball team left a long lasting legacy on the court. The E-Rabs went undefeated to become Conference, Regional and Sectional Champions. The team fought hard at the state tournament in Peoria and came out with a 4th place title. 


  • Aydin Gutridge becomes a State Champion


Aydin Gutridge, class of 2019, came out on top at the wrestling state tournament with a first place title. 


  • East Welcomes New Principal


Jim Parker came to East from Lincoln Middle School and has already been seen as a great new addition to East by staff and students. 


  • Lowest Performing Report Card Rating


In 2019, test scores and a low graduation rate at Rockford East dropped us to be considered “low-performing” according to the Illinois State Board of Education. 


  • Homecoming 2019


The E-Rabs took on Freeport for a chilly Homecoming game that crowned Brianna Syphommarath and Josh Crawford king and queen. The dance was smoothly put together by student commision and a great time was had by all. 


  • Illinois State Scholars


East had 12 students named to the list of Illinois State Scholars for their academic excellence. Those students were Mimi Bach, Edward Bormett, Connor Fowler, Maranda Gonzalez, Lian Khual, Britney Montgomery, Maram Quhshi, Briseyda Salgado, Carina Sund, Laurita Uribe Aristizabal, Jamie Ward and Jackson Wyatt.