Harry Styles’ Fine Line Review

Raquel Salazar, Communications Director

   Dec. 13, 2019, marked the release of Fine Line, Harry Styles’ second solo album. After making his debut in 2017 with a self-titled album, Styles has yet again released a personal and deeply emotional album.

    In 2017, when “Sign of the Times” was released, the single was number four on  Billboard’s Top 100, but in October, “Lights Up” ,Styles’ debuting song for the album, only placed fourteen on the charts.    

   Styles’ top song currently resting at thirty-five on the charts peaked at twenty-four and has been on the charts for four weeks. “Adore You” was a hit due to the partnership with Spotify, and together they created the island of Eroda that was featured in the music video. The promotion for the song was executed very well, and the island was a great way for fans to connect with the artist. 

   Styles revealed the album was a collection of all the emotions following his break up with Camille Rowe. The album reflects all the stages of a break-up: the saddest emotions as well as the happiest emotions Styles’ experienced. “Sunflower Vol. 9”, a very upbeat summer song,  reflects his deep gratitude and happiness experienced during the highest highs of a relationship. In contrast,the song “Cherry” deeply reflects the sorrow and heartbreak experienced after a break-up. “Cherry” ends with a voicemail left featuring Camile Rowe’s voice. 

   Overall, the album features a great variety of rhythms and melodies that make the album unique with an old school feeling that makes the album a great modern day break-up and recovery album.