E-Rabs discuss the final exemption process

Alyssa Kelley, People Editor

   After introducing final exemptions fourth quarter last year, many E-rabs were excited by the idea of getting out of finals. One rule that stood out to many was that upperclassmen were able to exempt two finals instead of one like the underclassmen. Of course some E-rabs questioned if it was fair for juniors and seniors to get that extra exemption. 

   “I believe it’s fair because the higher classmen have harder classes, and being able to exempt two finals can put less stress on them,” said Zamara Parkerson, class of 2022.

   While the extra exemption is helpful, it is also important to look at why the underclassmen are only allowed to exempt one final. 

   “When you are a freshman or a sophomore you’re still taking  those real introductory classes and you’re learning the skills you absolutely have to have in order to be successful.” said Janelle Huston, ASL teacher. 

   I do think it is fair for upperclassmen to exempt two finals, and not is not just because I am a senior. The classes do become harder, and if your grades already equal to an A for the semester, you should not have to stress on those topics when you could instead focus on a class that you struggle with.