Sex Education season 2: a review

Adriana Sanchez, opinions editor

Today we are talking on season two of Sex Education on Netflix which aired on January, 11th. Did this season deliver? Did it meet my expectations? 

   As a late bloomer, Otis Milburn, played by Asa Butterfield, must master his newly discovered sexual urges in order to progress with his girlfriend while dealing with his estranged relationship with Maeve (Emma Mackey). Meanwhile, his school is struck with a chlamydia outbreak highlighting the need of better sex education at the school, while new kids come to town who end up challenging the status quo. So we have Asa Butterfield again returning as this character, and I believe this character suits him well.

This show is a very different tone from other shows on Netflix because it highlights the comedic elements in such a way that maybe distances itself a bit from reality but it also amplifies itself so much that you believe every character is a tad bit exaggerated. With this show it seems like every character fits so perfectly into this world. It feels like you are in school and this group of kids are in their own little world and in their own little corner and you just believe the way everyone interacts with everyone else.

    I really love the progression of each character during the season compared to the first season. With Otis dealing with his issues and all the drama going on with Maeve, she weaseled her way back into Otis his life which interferes with his new relationship. This evolved into another problem because his girlfriend’s dad is dating Otis’s mom. 

I feel like you are not going to like season two if you did not like season one, and I understand why some did not like this show because it is very sexual and some of the imagery in some of the scenes is going to be a bit much for some people. In this season, I think the characterizations are a bit stronger. Each episode is about 50 minutes, but I flew through this season.  I was in love with these characters and when they are figuring themselves out with everything. I think you are going to really enjoy the season. It was funny, and it was very enjoyable to watch and to see the characters’ story progress.