Wrestling readies for post-season

Zach Mosley, Reporter

With the season more than halfway finished and wrapping up at the end of  February, there are high hopes going into regionals. With many seniors leaving last year, the team had some idea of what their starting lineup would look like. Without State Champion Aydin Guttridge, though, it did raise some questions. 

“[We were] very impressive. Harlem was a big win. We’re very young, [and] I am very proud,” said Jim Parker, Principal, when asked his opinion on how the wrestling season is going so far.

As of writing this article, the team is overall having a 5-3 season, Including a huge win over Harlem, which was the first time we have won against Harlem in years. There was a young starting lineup not including a single senior. 

“It has been good. The team has really come together to be a family, and I couldn’t have asked for better teammates.” said Jaxson Weisser, class of 2023.

 It is all in the system. Coaches matter, and Gene Lee, the head coach, has been a huge part of this, creating a staff to benefit our team in the best possible form. 

“I was really looking forward to this season before it was cut short. Wrestling is the greatest sport in the world, [and] I hope the best for the team,” said Dominic Carlstrom class of 2021. 

The way the rest of this season plays out is anyone’s guess, with regionals still not happening for another couple of weeks.