Gomez’s comeback in new album ‘Rare’

Adriana Sanchez, Opinions Editor

  The highly awaited Rare which was released on January 10, 2020 by pop star icon Selena Gomez was an incredible success. She teased the album with “Lose You to Love Me”, which was released as the lead single on October 23, 2019, and topped the Billboard Hot 100. Rare is the latest album that Selena Gomez has released since 2015. She’s been out of the spotlight since battling lupus. Since 2015 she has released a few singles, “Back to You”, and “It Ain’t Me” just to name a few. This album had its good parts and bad parts which was crucial to realize when reviewing this long awaited album. Gomez’s return is packed with emotional, vulnerable, upbeat pop music which in my opinion a solid album should have. There were a few songs which I thought were not as good as others. Rare included 13 unstoppable songs.

   We’re going to talk about the production of the composition, the first song on the album is ‘Rare’ that is the title track, that’s about how people didn’t really appreciate her or recognize that she was indeed rare. I thought it was a really cool track to open the album, it has amazing production as well. I think what I can say about the entire album is that the production on this album is just really good, the second song is Dance Again, it’s got a cool pre-chorus and a catchy chorus. I really enjoyed the baseline of the song. It’s a really good party song but it’s got this dark undertone to it that I really enjoyed, this is already a favorite and I really see her putting this out as a single at some point in the future and having a fun music video for the song. I’m not sure why she didn’t pick up her new era with this song, but maybe for promotional purposes to get people talking about her relationship, but this song has that same kind of theme of finding happiness, this is a great song and I thoroughly enjoyed this one. The tracks after that are ‘Lose You to Love Me’ and ‘Look at Her Now’ and those are the singles that were first released before the album, overall they are catchy songs. The next title is ‘Ring’, it’s got a catchy chorus, it’s got this really nice jazzy, kind of easy listening feel. I’ve been noticing that a lot of these songs that Gomez is posting is about how great she is and how confident she has gotten throughout the years.

   The production on this next song, ‘Vulnerable’ is fantastic. I love how the song kind of sneaks up on you when it starts and this is an example of a really well-crafted pop song, the reverb is luscious throughout and the harmonies on the second verse. I really enjoyed the change during the bridge.

In continuation from that song, the rest of the album wasn’t my favorite. From having featured artists, which in my opinion made the songs not that enjoyable to listen to, to having a not so catchy melody. There was about more than half of the album that I did enjoy. The rest wasn’t to my taste.

   I want to say that listening to this album was such a smooth pleasant journey this is a really great pop album and it’s got a lot of really great moments, a good thing about this album is that it has no hip-hop elements, there’s no pretentiousness. There’s nothing about her trying to be cool or trendy. It’s just authentic, fun, light and heartfelt. I’m going to give this album three out of five stars because it really was quite enjoyable. I absolutely see myself recommending it to pop music lovers because there’s a lot of great songs on this album.