Super Bowl 2020 ads win big during game

Connor Fowler, Copy editor

  Super Bowl LIV was an intense game on the field, with the Kansas City Chiefs triumphant in an upset over the San Francisco 49ers in a score of 20-31, with the Chiefs gaining the upper hand in the fourth quarter and the 49ers blowing a ten point lead after halftime.

   Another intense competition took place off the field, though, still on the screen. The “Commercial Bowl” was a hard-fought battle, with many companies whipping out marketing tactics and strategies in order to boost sales and profit for the 2020 fiscal year. 

   With the many commercials taking place between quarters and halftime, here are the top three winners of the great “Commercial Bowl”.




Jeep’s commercial is the reigning king of Super Bowl LIV, boasting (since the writing of) 43 million views on Youtube, 11 million on Twitter and over 300 thousand shares on Facebook. It was seemingly genius, airing an ad about not only on the superstitious holiday of Groundhog Day (let’s go early spring!) but a quick revival of the cult classic movie of the same name where Bill Murray and the groundhog go on an adventure that seemingly never ends… Additionally, Bill Murray is always a win. The commercial was humourous and tactful; truly an excellent watch during the Super Bowl.




Planters’ nuts have always been a delicious snack for any sporting event and any pass-time food. It came as a shock to the nation when Mr. Peanut, mascot to Planters since 1916, suddenly and tragically died in a commercial where Mr. Peanut and his companions went over a cliff and he saved them by sacrificing himself. The funeral of Mr. Peanut featured the Kool-Aid Man, Mr. Clean and the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile. With Mr. Peanut being resurrected by a tear from Kool-Aid Man, the famous mascot lives on. It was a good follow-up to the surprise from Planters.




Mountain Dew parodying the cult-classic The Shining was definitely a memorable experience, with Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston wielding an axe and a zero-sugar Mountain Dew as he bashed down the door. This revealed Tracee Ellis Ross trying to fend him off with a body scrubbing brush, taking a moment to sip the beverage Cranston offers up. The final parts of the ad unveiling the classic blood-gushing elevators flooding instead with Mountain Dew and Cranston dressed as the infamous twins. It was a funny commercial that grabbed many people’s attention.