GSA introduces new t-shirt designs

Elizabeth Martinez, Reporter

All through December, East High’s GSA has been selling their brand new t-shirts to students and staff members. The design is similar to a previous design using rainbow tie-dye with a new, simple and supportive logo highlighting RPS 205’s support so that the shirt can be worn by anyone in the school district and not just be exclusive to East. However, the shirts can only be purchased at East and includes a small bit of text at the end of the shirt to credit East High’s GSA members.  

   “It shows that teachers are for supporting students in the LGBTQIA+ community and that they are also people and part of the community.” said Magdalena Salinas-Ramos, Class of 2021 about what they wanted students to know about the shirts.

   Shirts have been dyed and washed, and previously placed orders are ready for pick up. See Mindy Lemonholm in 218-A for more details.