“I Am Not Okay With This:” from comic book to hit Netflix show

Adriana Sanchez

While watching I Am Not Okay With This, it gave me a classic Carrie mixed with a Stranger Things vibe, in which I did enjoy. Watching the first few minutes of this supernatural show, it already got me hooked.

The opening shot was horrific but entertaining, fast-forwarding to the end to give a glimpse of how Sydney Novak (Sophia Lillis) ended up walking the empty streets, covered in blood. If that is not a grabber I do not know what is.   

Set in a small town in Pennsylvania, an angry, narrow-minded teen who recently lost her father to suicide is starting to discover her telekinetic powers. She does not have a great relationship with her mother, which does affect her depression and social anxiety, hence why she goes out of control and misuses her powers. 

I was fascinated by the acting in this show, which I was not surprised by. Lillis and her co-star Wyatt Oleff both gave breathtaking performances in IT, so it was great to see them back together.

With the loss of her father and bad relationship with her mom, her best friend Dina (Sofia Bryant) replaces Sydney with her jockey new boyfriend Brad (Richard Ellis), and Sydney is even more upset. Lonely and isolated, she starts to talk to Stanley (Wyatt Oleff), a dorky teen who has interest in Sydney. Throughout this seven episode series, her powers began to worsen when she becomes upset or anxious, which comes with consequences in the end. 

The writers in this series know exactly what they are doing with this hit show. I was amazed by the actors/actresses, directing, writing and the camera work. It captured how amusing and horrific that this show is. I Am Not Okay brushes by in seven 20-ish minute episodes. 

When I finished the first season, which concludes with a tantalizing cliffhanger, all I wanted was more of what was to come. I hope there is a second season to see how her powers progress and how she tries to control it. The last episode left my jaw to the floor, which I think a show is supposed to do.