Juniors unprepared for science assessment


photo by Aly Scott

Student taking Illinois Science Assessment during second hour.

Leila Rydell and Aly Scott

Beginning the week of Mar. 2nd, East High School junior’s were required to take the three hour long Illinois Science Assessment (ISA). This is given to every public school student in grades five, eight and eleven. The ISA at the high school level is course-based and correlates with biology.

For the past three years, East High School has scored less than 20% proficient as a school, while the state has at least scored 49% or higher on the ISA. There is no doubt that East is falling behind as a school, how is this assessment aiming to bring East up to speed?

“We want to make sure that the kids are exposed to the material they need. It’s a combination of curriculum and instruction, the goal is to one, get the kids to take it seriously. And two, look at the fact we’re lining what we do with what the state wants,” Jim Parker, principal. 

Considering it has been three years since the junior’s have completed this assessment, many are going in feeling unprepared. Most junior’s took biology their freshman year, therefore, many are not refreshed with the criteria needed for this evaluation.

“I wouldn’t have known what was going to be on the test so I couldn’t study for it. I kind of guessed on all the questions,” Hannah Beach, class of 2021.

East will receive results from the Illinois Science Assessment next year in 2021.