Rupaul’s Drag Race “Ru”view with a mom

Connor Fowler, Copy editor


Season 12 of VH1’s hit show Rupaul’s Drag Race has hit the runway with its part one of the two-part premiere Feb. 28th. The show has come a long way since its god-awful filter on season one of the show, and many fans are looking forward to the baker’s dozen entering the “Werkroom” this season. 

Also sashaying onto the runway is my mom, Flora Fowler, who has never seen the show before. She had been to a drag show, and one of her favorite movies being Kinky Boots (2005), so my mother has had some knowledge of drag culture, but was looking to expand even more. So the Saturday after the premiere, we sat down with food and drinks and proceeded to watch episode one, titled: “I’m That B****”.

This season goes back to the season six roots, with a double premiere. Seven queens entered the Werkroom this episode, with the other six strutting in next week. Here is our take on the entrance looks.

Brita entered first, wearing a gorgeous cheetah-print, tight-fitting dress. It was very reminiscent of an old cabaret style. 

“It’s cute and simplistic, [and] her natural makeup is gorgeous,” said my mom, Flora Fowler. I agreed; this polynesian queen is definitely serving looks and kindness, so we will see what she brings to the stage.

The French queen Nicky Doll walked in next, wearing sparkly black-and-white stripes with a flash of red under the skirt. It was very French couture and stunned my mother and I as viewers. While she might be high fashion, will she be high talent? That is something I look forward to seeing.

Widow Von’Du prowled in next, expressing herself in a full black, sparkly bodysuit with patches of see-through tulle spread about. While the outfit was simplistic, her personality and presence dominated the scene. She is definitely a top contender to look out for.

The Persian Queen Jackie Cox hopped in and both my mom and I fell in love with her bubbly personality and old-school looks. While the look itself was very simplistic with a glittery silver top and sparkly red skirt, the Farsi spelling of the name “Jacqueline” tied it all together. Do not underestimate Jackie’s looks this season.

Heidi N Closet walked gracefully into the Werkroom wearing her “leprosy print”, according to her (it was actually tiger print). This southern belle has everything: the accent, the kindness and the gap between her teeth. She is poised and kind and is definitely a fierce competitor to the other twelve queens.

Gigi Goode walked the deck next in a fully dragged-out pirate costume. My mom immediately fell in love with this queen.

“Look at her makeup. It’s absolutely beautiful. If I didn’t know better, I’d definitely say that she’s a woman,” said my mom.

Gigi Goode knows what they are good at, and their mom is a costume designer so they definitely have fashion in their blood. We will see if they are more than just a pretty face.

The final queen to waltz into the Werkroom this episode was Crystal Methyd in a green clown outfit . This queen is definitely an oddball and a possible underdog. Their makeup is outrageous, as are their outfits, and that might cause the other queens to underestimate this different queen. I hope to see good things from her.

With the girls laughing and eyeing up their competition, the mini challenge began, with the queens needing to walk the runway in a spring and fall look. The winner of this challenge in my opinion was Jackie Cox. Her old school style combined with the required categories absolutely killed it, and my mom agreed.

“Her style is rarely seen nowadays. It’s really refreshing seeing someone represent an old time in such a chic and interesting way,” said Fowler.

A close second in the mini challenge was Nicky Doll. While the outfit for fall did not necessarily give the essence, the inverted tuxedo was still high fashion and amazing to look at. Her spring look slaughtered with the purple flowers and red hair.

Next came the maxi challenge. They had to write their own lyrics and choreography to “I’m That B****” in front of special guest judge Nicki Minaj. The winners of the performance in both my mother and I’s eyes were Gigi Goode and Nicky Doll. Both of the queens’ lyrics were clever and although Nicky didn’t ultimately win the challenge, with Widow taking her place, I’m definitely rooting for Nicky this season.

The runway category was Sparkle, and they all turned out. My winner was Nicky Doll. Her metallic feathers and white hair trumped all who walked the stage and my mom agreed. She owned the runway. In the end, both Gigi and Widow were last remaining, shocking everyone, thinking those two were in the bottom two. Rupaul, however, had a different idea. They were the winners.

With two winners, Rupaul shocked the audience with no elimination this episode, but instead a lip sync for the win. The song was Nicki Minaj’s “Starships”, and turn it out they did. Widow pulled out the stunts, and with Gigi, the comedy. Widow ultimately won being the first queen of the season to win a challenge. 

With the next six queens walking into the Werkroom this Friday, the competition this season might be the best yet.