Valkyries demonstrate their Girl Power

Braulio Saucedo, Print Editor-in-Chief

A tradition held for more than 50 years was continued on the last week of February as the Guilford High School Valkyries, a synchronized swimming team, had their annual show. The two-hour-long program showcases the amazing swimming abilities of these young ladies; combined with rigorous underwater dance routines choreographed by the Valks themselves. In every performance, the Valkyries gave their all and it showed in each routine as they smiled through every move regardless if wrong or right.

   This year the Valkyrie team was comprised of 32 Valks: 12 seniors, 10 juniors, two sophomores and eight freshmen, including East senior Carina Sund. Anyone can try out for the team, tryouts are open to all RPS high schools and are held in November a year prior to the show. 

   “I’ve been a part of the Valkyries team for four years. I had a senior friend on the team my freshman year and so she recruited me, and ever since I’ve loved it,”said Sund.

 Every year the show takes on a different theme that is carried throughout with the help of four emcees. For this year’s show, the theme was Girl Power, featuring a wide range of songs from different female artists and short skits performed by the emcees all to promote female empowerment. 

   “We chose Girl Power because 2019-2020 has been heavily based on girl strength and our team is a group of powerhouses, so we wanted to bring that strength to life and put it into our show,” said Sund.

   The show followed the story of three friends who produce a YouTube show that is threatened to cancel because of their low women demographic. To prevent their female producer from canceling their show, they invite female artists for each episode to get more female viewers and convey the messages that these great artists stand for. The characters’ plain-spoken language was easy to understand and was appropriate for all audiences. Altogether there were 12 short scenes performed by the emcees each introducing a female artist or music genre throughout the show.

    The Valkyries danced to songs from artists such as Lady Gaga, Avril Lavinge, Billie Elish, Spice Girls, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande and Kesha amongst many more. 

“We started practices the first week of november. I do encourage others to join but many times people are nervous to get out there and perform, especially with a sport that is so different to what we offer at East,” said Sund.

   Another tradition that the girl Valks have is to invite a boy to dance with them in a routine of the show. East was well represented by sophomore Ben Bathje, who was invited by Sund to be part of the Taylor Swift routine that splashed joy all over the room. This number could easily be one of the best in the show as it is full of action and the lights evoked a mood of happiness.

“It’s pretty cool to say I got to be a part of it, especially with it being such a long lasting tradition  I’m glad I got to say I did it,”said Bathje. “Carina asked me to be her Guy valk. I would 100% do it again if given the chance.”

   Every show was very well attended regardless of the hot location the shows were held at, with the heat coming from the light instruments used and the large number of people in the small Guilford Pool one would expect low attendance. 

   “The show was amazing you could really tell the hard work these girls put into every performance even with the heat I thought the show was spectacular,” said Gisslle Gutierrez, class of 2020.