The Isolation Diaries: Ep.1- Days Like These

Adriana Sanchez , Opinions Editor

   Dear whomever may be reading this,

   With everything going on, I would like to focus on positive content for the public to help get your mind off of the negative. This will be a combined series of motivation, inspiration and strategies to stay positive during these tough times. I struggled with motivation and inspiration myself for quite a long time, but along the way I have learned some strategies that I hope will help you as well.

   During this tough time in our lives, we are all experiencing the extreme reality of boredom. It is difficult to even think positive or have motivation when everything around you is negative. Here are four positive things that I have learned that have helped me so far in being isolated. 


  1. There will be days like these:

   Days where you do not know what emotion you are feeling, days where you just wanna be in bed all day but you know that that feeling is okay. Not every day is meant to be perfect. Bad things may happen so you can learn and reflect on them in the future. Take this time to appreciate the little things in your life, reflect on the good moments that you have had and know there will be so many more of those amazing, unforgettable memories.  Next time you see your friends or family, tell them how much you love them because you never know when you will see them again. Temporary pain is not permanent pain. Any emotion that you feel right now is only a sign that you are growing through the bad days and accepting what is.


  1. Practicing self love:

   Healing is not always gonna be easy, and self care is not always just putting a face mask or getting your nails done. For me, self love is writing, daily talks with myself about the acceptance of life and learning, practicing patience and not letting my fears win. It is being on my phone all day when I wanted to be productive, and being okay with that, and trying again tomorrow. Emotionally isolating yourself as well as physically isolating is okay because it is what you need to heal. This is a time where everything comes to the surface, as we all slow down, and what we normally engage in is not as accessible to us anymore. We are now, more than ever, faced with ourselves, and for some people, like me, that can be scary, being lost in your own thoughts. 

   Here is to loving yourself, being selfish, struggling, adapting and understanding what it’s like to learn to be alone. Change is beautiful, so show us who you were, are and will be. Embrace your path, and your past is not who you are, rather the context of who you will be. Your flaws do not make up your being, but serve as reminders that you are human. Your circumstances do not define you.


  1. Finding your happiness:

   I know that right now some of us are not alright. I know you have seen better days. I know you do not want anything to hurt you but the truth is, life comes with a lot of pain. You cannot change that, no matter how much you wish you could. Since some or most of that past pain you still carry around with you is in the present, let me tell you this: Everything happens for a reason. Maybe you cannot see the reason or maybe it does not make any sense right now but maybe the reason is to strengthen you because you are a lot stronger than you know and a lot smarter than you think and more talented than you give yourself credit for. Maybe this pain is supposed to reveal that. Maybe it is here to reveal your character and who you truly are.

Let the violence make you more gentle, the heartbreak soften your heart, the discomfort bring you closer to yourself and these tears cleanse your soul.

I hope you find your happiness, even in these tough times, even if it means sitting outside and journaling, doing a puzzle, doing a craft, walking your dog or reading. Find what you love most, even if it is simple, and hold onto it.  Stay safe and take care of yourself.

Because you are loved more than you know.


  1. Finding yourself:

There is a lot you do not fully understand yet, and that is okay. What matters more than being right is your willingness to learn. Work everyday to develop an open mind. Those with narrowed thinking will only ever experience within the tunnel they have closed themselves in. Those open to change and difference will experience life.

And if life begins to feel stagnant, look around. Appreciate the now that you are in. 

Give yourself a break. In the end, your life will not be defined by the days spent working or worrying. You will find yourself reminiscing on instances that gave meaning to your life, so collect these moments. The memories etched into your mind, the nights you knew exactly what it felt like to be alive. The meaning of life is the meaning you create for yourself, so spend your time with people who mean well and do the things that mean the most. Remember to enjoy the process. Do not overload yourself, as you know as much as you need to right now, and you are still growing. You are still learning. Take the time to be youthful. Learn to be grateful in this time of being isolated. Most of all know that we will be okay, this too shall pass and you will come out of this stronger than before.


Thank you for taking your time to read my first part of this series, it means so much to me. I will be posting every Thursday, so watch out for new content on positivity and mindfulness. Be safe.