Naruto fights for a spot in my heart

Sullivan Reilly, Entertainment Editor

   Many people around my age love Naruto, and I have been recommended to watch it on multiple occasions but never decided to give it a try. During our quarantine, though, I decided to finally watch it.

   I have watched 4 of the 9 seasons in the first series (which there are many more), so I am not terribly far in the show but far enough to form my opinion — I actually really like it. The story is well put-together. Most of it is coherent and flows well. Sometimes the show gets a little goofy with how characters constantly act, but it still makes for a fun experience. 

   The characters in Naruto are extremely intriguing. Naruto, the main character, is interesting. He gets annoying sometimes but the rate he grows (which is slow but still there) is fun enough to watch that it kind of cancels out how annoying he gets. Almost every character introduced with a name has some sort of meaning. They all develop as characters, and it is very fun to watch. One of my favorites would have to be Rock Lee. He is enjoyable to watch. I love how determined he is even when he has a disadvantage. The interactions between characters and this growth leave me with a nice feeling. 

   “I love the way the creator does the character development,” said Ebin Warner, class of 2020.  

 The fight scenes in Naruto are also great. There are some that involve certain moves and abilities that only few other characters have, and there is also some fun hand to hand combat. 

   One thing that may get annoying is that there are tons of flashbacks. It is not a gigantic deal, but there have been a few times I have been a little annoyed and skipped forward five to ten seconds. 

   Overall, I believe Naruto is fantastic. It tells a beautiful story on top of just nonstop fun and a roller coaster of emotions. If you are like me and have never really watched any sort of anime, I would recommend starting on this one here.