Dear My High School Teachers,

Adriana Sanchez , Opinions Editor

My dear high school teachers,


Well, I’ve already cried just thinking about writing this, so let’s bring on the water works. As my senior year came to an end, I couldn’t help but think of all the teachers who have greatly impacted my life. I want to take this time to directly write a letter to say thank you. 


Whether I had you for one year or all four, I truly appreciate all the hard work you have done over the years. With this tough time, you are all still working so hard, which none of us can say thank you enough for. It takes great courage and strength to do what you are all doing. 


Over the past four years, you all have seen me grow into a stronger person. Some of you have seen me at my worst and guided me through those tough times which made me who I am today. It has been a pleasure being your student and seeing your work ethics; they have taught me so much that I will always take with me. I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for each and every one of you. Not every day is going to be a great day, and still, I have hope. You helped me uncover my shell and reveal my true self. In the end, it was a heck of a journey with many ups and downs, and I am just glad to have gotten through them with the encouragement of you all.


Over the last four years, we have grown and experienced so much.  You always made me go beyond the textbooks. You taught me how to read between the lines. You have been an inspiration to so many of us. I am happy to note that I am ready to face the further challenges of my life. I can’t explain how much I enjoyed hearing your thoughts, your ponderings, and your passions in class. Even though this year was short, I sure did learn a lot. Thank you for your honesty, support, patience and flexibility. Thank you for being yourselves. There were so many days I came to school stressed about something personal, but spending time with you all made me forget about it. I appreciate your advice and will do my best to stay in the moment, learn new things, be open to opportunities that arise and not stress. 


I will be going to Rock Valley to study psychology then university, which I am very excited for. Thank you for growing with me and allowing me to grow with you and for all the laughs. I will miss you all so much.  I wish you all the best of luck next year. 


“You’re off to great places, Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So…get on your way!’’ -Dr. Seuss

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With love,

Adriana Sanchez

Class of 2020

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