Squid Game, record breaking Netflix original


Song Gi-Hun, Cho Sang-Woo, Kang Sae-Byeok

William McGinnis, Entertainment Editor

 This article contains spoilers for “Squid Game.” Read at your own risk.

 “Squid Game” has been Netflix’s most popular series by far since its release on Sept. 27. People haven’t stopped talking about it, but is the hype justified? 

   First off, what is “Squid Game” even about? There are going to be some spoilers in my review, so be warned. “Squid Game” is a Korean drama/thriller starring Lee Jung-jae as Seong Gi-Hun who is in serious economic debt. He needs millions of Korean won (a Korean unit of money) to take back custody of his daughter and to care for his sick mother. Gi-Hun was offered a wager in the subway to play a quick game for a 50,000 prize. If he lost, he would get slapped. He lost over and over but eventually won the wager.   

    After the game, he was offered a chance to join a competition for a very large amount of money. He originally declined but changed his mind later. He arrived at a pickup spot and was knocked out to avoid giving away the location of the competition. He wakes up surrounded by 455 other confused and scared contestants. Nobody knew where they were, what they were going to do or when/if they would even leave the secret location. 

   Seong Gi-Hun formed an alliance with an old friend Sang-Woo (played by Park Hae Soo) as well as a few others. 

   Overall, I was skeptical at first, but the show was very entertaining. The deeper meanings in the show were represented really well in the plot. The audience could really learn something from this series. I know I did. “Squid Game” helped me reflect on society and how what was just a game for the rich, for the less fortunate, was a matter of life or death. 

   My favorite thing about the series were the characters. Each was very different but came together very well. When something happened to the characters, it brought out very strong emotions from me. Some tears may have been shed while watching this series, which for me, is rare. The story really stayed interesting throughout the whole series. 

   The acting worked to enhance the story very well. The casting was probably the best thing about the series. No character was exactly the same, even coming into the competition with similar struggles. 

   Financial disparity was displayed in a wide variety of people, people from all different backgrounds. This is the main theme presented throughout the series. 

   “The characters and atmosphere are what make it special,” said Jake Walsh, Lifestyles Contributor at the Collegiate Times, in an article he wrote for CollegiateTimes.com.

   The ending, however, was disappointing and didn’t make sense. The choices made by Gi-Hun and the way things concluded really didn’t make sense with how the series started and the background given in the beginning. The decisions he made completely contradicted what his goals were in the beginning, and it was frustrating to watch. 

   I wish Gi-Hun had used the ending to at least take back custody of his daughter. It really angered me how he decided to abandon his daughter to try and end the games he was taking part of.

   “The ending wasn’t very good because it was almost like he completely forgot why he played the games in the first place,” said Tony Fiorenza, class of 2022.

   Overall, I would recommend it. It was very entertaining and really played with my emotions at times. I just wish it could have ended differently. My rating is 3.8/5.