Students march towards State Finals


photo by Michael Morrisett

East band on the second floor.

Jonathan Dumois

Feb. 16, a day that East dedicated time to honor its winter sports athletes.

During part of seventh hour on that day, students and staff lined up up and down the halls to cheer on their fellow E-Rabs for their accomplishments during the winter sports season. The parade started on the third floor and worked their way from there. Escorting the athletes were the school band as they played the school song.

This is the second time the school took time to honor its athletes. In the fall, students lined up and down the hallways of East High to cheer on the school’s football team as they went to the state playoffs. Previously, the school has held pep rallies to honor these athletes, but they have stopped due the pandemic.

You can see the “parade of champions” march through the second floor in the video below.

Jonathan Dumois