Michaela Jones: a true E-Rab

Michaela Jones: a true E-Rab

Ella Gray, Editor-in-Chief

Making it to the state Special Olympics, Michaela Jones has proven what it means to be an East High E-Rab. 

East has a long history of not only state qualifiers, but state champions. If you look along the wall on the second floor by the main gym, you will see just how many E-Rab state victors we have. Though Jones didn’t win, she was the only one representing East, which is in turn a win in our book. Jones is also only a sophomore so she has two more years of competing to win the state competition. 

Competing in the 50 meter snowshoe race, Jones placed 5th in her division. Jones has kept motivated because of her love of the competition and hanging out with her friends. 

One friend specifically has been Jones’ biggest supporter, David Cavin. 

“[My biggest supporter is] definitely David Cavin,” said Jones, class of 2025.

Along with the support of her friends and family, Jones was excited for the competition. 

“[I could tell she was excited] cause her face was happy,” said Cavin, class of 2025. 

Placing fifth, Jones was satisfied with her performance. She was the only student representing East in the state competition. 

“It was pretty good [to represent East]” said Jones, class of 2025.

What is next for Jones? She plans on competing for the next two years. Her next goal? To keep having fun with the competition she enjoys. 

“I like doing it and I can keep doing it next year,” said Jones. 

“[I think what’s next for her is to] try to win,” said Cavin.