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Journalistic Integrity

Nikolas Bowers, Kaitlin Swick, and Sam Paraggua

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Recently, BuzzFeed released a controversial report on President Trump that was said to “may or may not be true”, which included accusations that tied him to Russia. Throughout this presidential election, news outlets have begun to be considered “fake news” and have had their journalistic integrity questioned. This makes every journalist look bad, including us here at East Highlights. After seeing what a well-known news outlet published and compared it to our views and ethics, we agree that with this story published, it demeans and shreds our integrity, along with the major news outlets that report every day. But our president didn’t make it any better by accusing major news outlets of being “fake” as well. This causes our society to turn off their televisions and not listen to the important information we as journalists give out.

But the main argument is that BuzzFeed shouldn’t have published this “story” to begin with. They knew that every news outlet had this report and yet, before fact-checking or receiving any confirmation from government agencies, they published it anyway. Their integrity is ruined, along with everyone else, and because of BuzzFeed we have to work twice as hard to keep our integrity because of a story that shouldn’t have been published.

Not only does this affect other journalists and news outlets, but it affects viewers and citizens who are going to go uninformed about many needed facts, simply because of one news outlet. People will not believe a word that the news says. President Donald Trump has been proven right by some, and journalists will never recover from such accusations. Now why exactly is this such a big deal? The entire job of the news is to inform the people of the facts and be a watch dog for our community, even if it’s a small town to the United States.

With this released information, news may be ignored and people will go uneducated about world news, and could lead to many unknowledgeable people. This is especially bad because in future elections, everyone would vote randomly based on looks, not actual views, as they haven’t tuned in to news outlets to find out where each candidate stands.

The only thing journalists, reporters and newscasters have left to do is regain trust and reliability when dealing with hard and soft news from its audience. Buzzfeed’s actions may have been a drawback, but anyone who is connected to any news network will do their best to go two steps forward.

About the Writers
Nikolas Bowers, Editior-in-Chief

Grade 12,
3rd year in Newspaper,
Events Editor,
"I take newspaper for many reasons, but my main goal more specifically would be...

Kaitlin Swick, Editor-in-Chief

12th grader
3rd year in newspaper
"I chose to be an editor-in-chief because I know I can handle it and this class has a lot to offer...

Sam Paraggua, News and Digital Editor

Grade 12,
2nd year in Newspaper,
News Editor,
Food Videos,
"I was actually put in this class when I didn't even sign up for it, but now I am really...

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Journalistic Integrity